Ok guys (and any ladies that have wandered into this hidden zone), just right-click and ‘save as’ (or however your PC OS let’s you download content), over the text of each Title.

If you want individual sound (.Wav) files, let me know and I’ll add them to this section.

I’ve also included the original artwork; and a new ‘remixers’ artwork cover, should you wish to use either.  


1) Daveros - Nocturnal Wonderland.zip

2a) Daveros - Nocturnal Wonderland.mp3

2b) Soundcloud.com…daveros-nocturnal-wonderland

3) Artwork (Original)

4) Artwork (Remixes)

5) The Legal Stuff << So, Soundcloud has a bad habit of locking your account to tell you that their ‘super computer’ detected something in your track in someone else’s.  You listen, you think “What the, it doesn’t sound anything like my track!” or, it’s your own original track (Yes, they’re that daft); and you need something to prove that you have permission to upload and share.  Well, this is the text file you need to copy and paste, if it ever happens!

CD:K (Downloads)

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